Permanent Makeup

“I love the confidence that stunning, smudge proof makeup gives me.”

― Tyra Banks

I do specialize in both Natural Brow Restoration and cosmetic Tattooing and have found the knowledge of both these components of beauty to be priceless in making an informed decision with my clients about the future of their brows!

"I believe that before you make any decisions regarding microblading or hair stroke tattoos, you need to understand exactly where your brows are really at!

Permanent Makeup has but one purpose and that is to create a long-lasting aesthetically pleasing illusion and should be your final option. While the tools, pigments and, even the procedure itself might be considered expensive—the benefits are priceless. Having 3D Brows will not change the fact that you will still need to probably maintain your existing brow hairs with colour and shape to enhance your implanted colour.

The very first day you spend time with Miss Tracee will be the day you believe in miracles! She will determine your current brow challenges, devise a plan on how to achieve your desired shape, and utilize both her expertise and training to begin your brow journey. At this discovery visit you will learn tips and tricks to keep your brows on the right path until your next maintenance session. The natural brow can take up to 1 year to reveal what hair will actually grow back. Service can involve scissoring, waxing, tinting, tweezing, shading techniques and at home brow education. Photographs are also taken to chart your restoration.

Other Permanent Makeup procedures offered at this clinic

Lip Liner:

Defines lips, Makes thick lips appear thinner, Makes thin lips appear fuller & shapelier, Creates a smooth shape out of uneven lips, “Blocks” lipstick from running or seeping into fine smile lines around the lip area, Camouflages scars.


Defines the eye, Doesn't smear, draws attention to the eyes making lashes look lush and, can be used to enhance or even change the eye's shape.

3D Brows:

Sculpt & Define the brow Arch, Fills in sparse/thinning areas revealing a fuller, more youthful brow, can Create a nonsurgical eye “lift”, Can create an entire brow for alopecia sufferers or chemotherapy patients.

3D Brow Embroidery - Before & After


Understanding the Permanent Cosmetic Process

It is important that clients are well informed of the changes that occur in the appearance of procedures immediately after the procedure is conducted and afterwards during the healing process. Often the initial intense, or fresh, appearance of the procedural area is the primary concern. Understanding why the procedural area appears somewhat darker at first and knowing that this is temporary and predictable helps deal with the process. Although the skin tissue in various locations of the face is different, there are some commonalties that apply to all facial permanent cosmetic procedures:


The body sends lymphatic fluids to the site to provide the body’s unique healing fluids. Histamines results in a swelling(usually only slightly) of the tissue, thus bringing the compromised skin together closer in proximity to assist closing the wound site. The degree of swelling which is normally is not easily noticeable in regard to eyebrow procedures, varies from person to person. If you do experience any noticeable swelling, this is temporary and an application of a cooling compress is recommended.

Initial Darker Appearance of the Procedural Area

All permanent cosmetic procedures will initially appear somewhat darker or “fresh” as I refer to this condition than the subsequently healed version. The following explanations will provide the reason why this is so:

To apply pigment in the upper dermis location of the skin, it is necessary to implant through the top layers of the skin, the epidermis. The epidermis layers of the skin collects and then exfoliates dead skin cells as new cells are produced. As the dead skin cells in the epidermis layer of the skin are exfoliated, tiny particles of pigment that are trapped in the epidermis are also discarded with the dead skin cells. When the total process is complete only the pigment in the dermis will remain. As a result, the density of the pigment is less and the appearance of the healed procedure naturally appears lighter. Also, these new skin cells cover the procedural area veiling the procedure and causing it to be less visible than when initially implanted.

Lips procedures produce the most dramatic pigment color changes of the three commonly performed procedures, eyebrows, eyeliners, and lip color. Due to the fact that the lips tissue characteristics do not have pores or oil glands, they are the first to expel excess pigment, normally 50% to 70% of the applied pigment within three to four days after the initial procedure was conducted. The appearance of pigment lightening in the eyebrow and eyeliner areas is less noticeable, and normally can be effectively seen in 5 to 10 days depending on the client’s age.

Once the outer barrier of the skin is compromised (broken) the body will immediately detect a wound that requires healing. As a result, body fluids are sent to cleanse the wound from the inside out. These body fluids include a small amount of blood. Blood is red when it oxidizes with air, and red is the second strongest primary color and causes the procedural area to appear darker for a few days.

The skin surrounding the procedure site has been traumatized, which produces additional circulation under the skin. This blood flow causes the surrounding skin to appear red and irritated, which affects the appearance of darkness of the procedural area. As irritation subsides, the area begins to appear lighter in color.

Although technically the healing process may sound complicated, consider that this same process is something we all go through with everyday skin compromises i.e., minor cuts and scratches, it just sounds more dramatic when put in a text format.

3D Brow Embroidery

Permanent Makeup Eyeliner

Permanent Lip

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