Eyelash Materials

“No one can make you feel inferior without your consent.”

--Eleanor Roosevelt


Silk -  Silk eyelash extensions are glossy and dramatic.

Faux Mink - Faux mink extensions  are pre-treated with a semi-gloss are rich in color and cast a light shimmer along the lash line.  Dramatic and beautiful.

Mink -   100% genuine Mink is the standard "go to" for lash extensions. Mink lashes have a naturally matte finish, are flexible and hold their curl over the length of wearing them. They are soft and specifically designed to create a stronger lift to open the eyes. Mink has a slightly firmer curl, are tapered and have the option of being available in a Semi-Gloss finish for a mascara look. Our lashes are Ultra light weight, have a Deep rich black color and are available in all curl patterns.

Sable Mink - 100% Genuine Sable Mink is a Luxury Lash. Slightly softer curl than standard Mink lashes. Sable is delicately tapered with a Matte-Velvet finish for a natural look. Sable is the Ultimate "Natural Look" for a set of lashes.

Siberian Mink - Natural chocolate color. Extremely soft, luxurious--Perfect for natural blondes/platinum blondes or brunettes.

Fox - Soft, lush, thick & fluffy Fox lashes can provide a thicker, "feathered" appearance and come in a choice of two colors:  (1) Natural Autumn/Red (Perfect for natural red heads/strawberry blondes and,  (2) Black

Rainbow Lashes- Made from PBT fiber and come in an array of colors: Autumn, Purple, Violet, Red, Blue, Green & two-toned colors.

Glitter Lashes - Made from PBT fiber. Fun, flirty and glittery. Come in various colors: Silver, Gold, Purple, Red, Pink, Blue. 

Swarkovsky Lashes - Made from PBT fiber w/swarkovsky gems in various colors: Diamond, Sapphire, Ruby, Jade, Garnett, Pearl, black Onyx. brass

Color Glam

Swarkovsky Crystals

Swarkovsky Crystals

Sable Min

Sable Min