So Many Questions....

When you’re thinking about getting lash extensions you may have lots of questions, for example, 'will they suit me?', 'how long do they last?', 'should I get Classic Individuals or Russian Volume?'. Honestly…..the first question you should ask yourself is 'who should I go to?'

There are so many different brands of eyelash extensions on the market and you may have heard of only the more high profile brands. I'm here to tell you that just because a lash technician has been trained by a reputable brand—that doesn't make her a reputable technician.

Training to be a Lash Technician is like learning to drive a car. You practice, take the test and pass but after all of that, do you really know how to drive?  Of course you know the basics and the rules and regulations but it’s not until you've been out on the road for awhile that you really start to find your way and feel more confident and, just as there are good and bad drivers on the road--there are also good and bad Lash Technicians. Some stick to the rules, some will go on to complete advanced courses in lash artistry and, some will watch a youtube video.... picking up bad habits and taking shortcuts. There are even some who decided that "it looks easy enough" and have NEVER had any training at all!


When choosing a Lash Technician there are a few things you should consider:


  • How reputable is she? Does she have a social media presence or website?

 The majority of people now have some form of social platform-- whether Facebook, Twitter, Linked In or Instagram—there should be something! Check out your potential Lash Technician's Facebook page for example, 'how often do they post?' check for a yelp page-- 'do they have any reviews?', 'What do their reviews say about them?'


  • Can you see their work?

 A good way of ascertaining the competence of a Lash Technician is to look at their before and after pictures. Ask yourself 'what does their work look like?', 'Would I be happy with the results on display?'. You might not know what you're looking for so I'll give you a few pointers. If the answer to all of the below is yes then you're on the right track

◦Are all the lashes facing in the same direction?

◦Do they look evenly spaced?

◦Are the glue bonds minimal and close to the lash line?


  • Have any of your friends been to this Lash Technician?

 Friend recommendations is by far the best way to find out how good a Lash Technician is, other than trying it out for yourself. You can actually see the result up close and personal and ask your friend for feedback on their experience


  • Did you speak to the Lash Technician?

 You should have a full consultation so they know what you want to achieve, whether you’re looking for length, thickness, more volume, etc. They should be able to advise you on thickness, curls, lash styles and what would suit you best


  • Are they qualified?

 Certificates are issued after successful completion of training and case studies. Ask to see their certificates and insurance as ALL reputable Lash Technicians will be able to provide these documents.


  • Lastly and most importantly always trust your gut instinct. If you’re not sure or you have any reservations at all--walk away


I hope you've found this useful and may even be considering 3D Volume Lash & Brow Studio.. If that's the case, please call with any questions or click the "book appointment button" to schedule your appointment.

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