Volume Lash Extensions 101

Semi-permanent eyelash extensions are a relatively new beauty trend that entered the United States around 2004. Since the launch of the eyelash industry, the art and materials used have expanded tremendously from classic individual lash extensions, to lashes with color, glam, length and now volume.

Volume Lash Extensions, or Russian Volume Lashes, differ from the traditional classic individual lashes in weight and in number. Classic individual lash extensions are one individual lash extension applied per individual natural lash. Volume lash extensions are two to nine lashes applied per individual natural lash. Volume lashes are also lighter and fluffier than Classic lashes, even though there are many more lashes. When properly applied, they produce the look of fullness, further enhancing the beauty of the eyes.

Volume lash extensions are particularly useful when natural lashes are missing, spread apart, or otherwise have a sparse appearance. This is because volume lashes are designed in a fan-like manner that not only give length, but also provides an appearance of fullness to even the thinnest of lash lines.

The initial application time for volume lashes can range from two to four hours, depending on the number of natural lashes, the volume being applied and, the experience of the technician applying them. Each volume lash is individually attached using a medical grade adhesive. With proper care, monthly refills can take between 45 to 120 minutes to apply. Volume lash materials include, but are not limited to, human hair, synthetic fiber, mink fur and fox fur. They also come in a variety of lengths.

Volume lash extensions are easily cared for and provide a 24/7 flawless, one of a kind look.