Eyelash Extensions and Seasonal Hair Loss

 In autumn and spring most humans experience an increase in hair loss more than usual. For most people Seasonal Shedding starts September/October/November or March/April/May.

Everything on earth from plants to household pets, has a season where they all shed more than usual. Trees shed their leaves while pets their fur. Same thing happens to humans. This is due to a combination of biological changes that take place mostly in the environment that affect our internal body response--things like changes in the intensity of exposure to daily sunlight and more. Unfortunately, eyelashes are hair and they shed.

During a normal lash cycle the average person has between 90 - 120 lashes per eye (upper lid). Most, if not all eyelashes are "lashed" during a full set.

Since each eye sheds between 2 - 5 lashes each per day, lets average the loss at 3 per day. Observe the following:

In one week, you will lose about 21 lashes (per eye)

In two weeks, you will have lost about 42 lashes (per eye)

In three weeks, you will have lost about 63 lashes (per eye)

Remind yourself to be prepared for seasonal hair loss which is a natural process,--a function that takes place according to your body's internal clock.

There is nothing you can do about the loss of lashes but some savvy lash clients opt for Volume Lash Extensions during this time. Volume lashes provide 2 - 9 lashes for each individual natural eyelash so even when they're being affected by "seasonal hair loss" their lash line still looks full.