How to Make Your Lash Extensions Last you laid there catatonically still for about an hour and a half, you shelled out over $100 and now, finally, you have the fabulous lashes that you've dreamed of.

But unless you're Beyonce and can afford to get them replaced on the regular, you now need for them to last for as long as is humanly possible – which means there are a few maintenance rules you’ll need to follow.

1. Prepare for your appointments appropriately:

Do not wear eye makeup to your appointment....I can't stress this enough. “Come to your appointment without any eye make-up on. While your lash stylist may be willing to clean [your lashes] for you,  if you arrive with a thick coating of mascara it may be impossible to completely remove the residue. Makeup residue creates a barrier between the bond and the natural lash, which means the extension won’t bond as effectively. As a consequence, extensions can come off prematurely

2. Pay attention!

When your lash stylist gives you advice on the care of your lashes--Listen to her. After a close look at your lashes she will be able to advise which lengths and thicknesses are appropriate for your natural lashes. For instance, fine short lashes will not be able to hold onto thick, long lash extensions effectively. The weight can also cause the natural lashes they’re bonded to shed prematurely, which will give the appearance of damaged lashes. Fullness can be created by using other techniques like a stronger curl or volume lashes

3. Stay away from oil-based products

Avoid using oil-based products on or near your lashes--this includes everything from cleansers to make-up (unless its specifically made for use with lash extensions). Oil based products loosen the adhesive bond that holds your lashes in place. 

4. Don’t touch them

Treat them with care. Avoid touching them when possible-there is oil in your fingertips (see no. 3 above for more info on oil). Rubbing your eyes back and forth can cause trauma. Atsome point you will be rubbing in the opposite direction of the attachment. Sleeping on them is detrimental since the average adult human head weighs about 8lbs...just imagine what an 8lb weight could do to an eyelash extension and you'll understand why sleeping on them is not a good thing. Side note: Swimming and showering do not affect extensions unless you rub or pull them while they are still wet

5. Don’t pull them out

Don’t pick at your lash extensions. Pulling out extensions that are starting to grow out is counterproductive to what you're trying to achieve...It’s like plucking your brows - and they may not grow back-- Instead, gently sweep them into place with a clean lash brush and wait for your next fill in