When should girls be allowed to get their eyebrows waxed?

Ok just to specify, I'm moreso talking about girls with shapeless, less than 'feminine' looking eyebrows.

I sometimes see girls around the pre-teen age with huge thick eyebrows and it makes me think of my own daughter when she was about that age.

She had such a little face......and this huge....dark.... "unibrow". She asked me to do them for her several times but I wanted her to wait until High School so I always said "no".

I never really thought about it until one day (she was still in Jr. High School) she asked me to "do her brows"....I started with the old "you're too young........" but she confided in me that the boys in school had begun referring to her as "Oscar The Grouch".....

I did her eyebrows.

I think the pre-teen years are pretty important in regards to shaping a young girl's self-esteem.  Low Self-Esteem can lead to so many negative actions--and I won't get into that here but I didn't want my daughter to begin her journey into womanhood with the feeling that there was something wrong with her.

Teasing a young girl's appearance can strike at the core of who she is.

I did her brows because I wanted to eliminate (as best I could) anything that could potentially hinder her chance at becoming the best she could be. If having a "unibrow" could in anyway set her up for failure, I wanted to remove that stumbling block because that was something that I definitely had control over.  So....I did her brows and she was 13.

I think she turned out pretty good.