Q: What are lash extensions?

A: Lash extensions are individual fibers made from various beautiful silks or lush furs that are cut and specially treated to maintain a certain curl to mimic natural eyelashes.


Q: Are eyelash extensions permanent?

A: Eyelash extensions are not--and can never be permanent because your natural lashes are not permanent--they shed in cycles just like the hair on your head. Eyelashes grow in rows and each row is on a different growth cycle--this is why your eyelashes are never all exactly the same length. As some are growing, others are shedding. A person has "short" lashes because her growth cycle is short--approximately 3-4 weeks, while someone with "long" lashes has a longer growth cycle--about 6-7 weeks. Someone with "thick" lashes has more rows of lashes--about  7 or 8, while someone with "sparse" lashes may only have 2, 3 or 4 rows of lashes


Q: How are eyelash extensions applied?

A: They are applied by a specially trained technician using minimal amounts of a medical grade adhesive and special tools to apply them individually to your naturallashes making them appear to grow directly out your lash line.


Q: How long do lash extensions last?

A: Individual eyelash extensions should last for the life of the eyelash that it is adhered to however there are several things that can impede the longevity of your look:

     1. ANY TYPE OF OIL. When oil comes in contact with lash extensions it will degrade the affect of the bond from the adhesive, causing It to break down prematurely and as a result, the eyelash extensions can slip off. Oils from night eye creams, foundation, mascara, eyeliner and even oil from your pillow covering can contaminate the adhesive, causing premature eyelash extension loss. If you must wear eye makeup, 3D Volume Lash retails products made especially for lash extension wearers that will not compromise the adhesive bond.

2. EXCESSIVE SWEATING. Also, because sweat coming from your pores is accompanied by sebum (natural oil) it contaminates the adhesive, causing it to break down. To prevent lash loss, 3D Volume retails a product that protects your lashes.

3. HUMIDITY. When your natural lashes become moist--just like hair on any part of your body--it swells. This causes the adhesive to become weak because the adhesive is set and does not swell with the natural lash. This is temporary however, do not rub or pull on the lashes because this will cause the extensions to detach. To prevent lash loss, allow the extensions to dry naturally and the bond will re-solidify.

4. TRAUMA. Many women find that they lose lashes extensions on one side more quickly than the opposite side. This is because it is the side they sleep on.  The average weight of the adult human head is about 8 lbs. When it is sleeping--its "dead weight"--which can be fairly heavy for the eyelashes on that particular side. The weight causes pressure to go against the way the eyelash is applied and as a result, you will find a few eyelash extensions on the pillow in the morning. The best way to avoid this is to sleep on your back. If you can't do that, we retail special eye masks to prevent lash loss from occurring.


Q: What kind of lash extensions make my lashes look fuller?

A: Volume lashes are designed to make your lashes look fuller and longer by adding many more lashes than you naturally have. For example: If you have 100 natural lashes on one eye, Volume lashes can increase the fullness by giving you 200 or 300 lashes on that same eye causing you to have 2 or 3 times the amount of lashes you have--even though they still look like your natural,  individual eyelashes! This is what is meant by "2D lashes" or "3D Lashes".


Q: My brows are looking thinner and thinner. What can I do to regain my former fullness?

A: There are several things you can to make your eyebrows appear fuller.

1. Use a brow serum. Serums work by prolonging the growth phase of your brow hair cycle. Just as with the hair on your head or your eyelashes--your brow hairs grow in rows One row may be growing, another row may be "resting", another row may be shedding and still another row may be dormant--appearing to be a bald spot and doing nothing at all (on the surface), Using a serum extends your growth cycle so that hair that would normally be shedding is still growing. Hair bulbs that were dormant "wake up" and begin to grow. All of this activity makes your brow look fuller.

2. Brow Tinting. Brow tinting can give you a temporary illusion of fullness because the skin beneath the hair can be stained in such a way that it blends with the hairs--creating a fuller look..

3. Brow Extensions.. Brow extensions are individual fibers made to look like brow hair which is then inserted and adhered into the brow region to appear as if they are growing directly out of the brow.

4. 3D Brow Embroidery.  Semi-permanent pigment is inserted into the surface of the skin with a fine blade to mimic the growth of your already existing hair. The result is a bolder, natural looking brow. It is not a tattoo and Ink is never used. The results last about 3 years before a touch up is needed.

5. Brow Design. Believe it or not--sometimes a customized design is all you need to achieve the brow of your dreams.